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Angel or alien - There's no going back!.

I don't want to be scared to share my own story anymore. I don't want to hear people call me crazy, or laugh thinking that I am in some kind of fantasy land. I have told some of my story right here on this blog, and sadly, I allowed them to beat me down inside so much that I would delete it quickly, and not talk about the great and often scary things that have come to me.

My experiences have been real, and I have been drawn to share them in order to seek out others like me. I've been drawn to finding answers, and I can no longer allow unbelievers or negative people to bring me down to block my growth...my true path. I have no idea what that path is, or where it may lead, but I have an overwhelming need to chase the meaning of it all. I always have, but I have always been detoured by others that mocked me even as a child.

This is a post that I wrote a few years ago. I was an emotional mess because I felt so much pull in life (even beyond the dream descriptions,) to find meaning to an open, necessary feeling of connection to something other than the people around me. I had written more both before and after but sadly...I was bullied enough to delete them and run away from feeling the pull to share and discover. I felt alone and some people even made me feel like I was actually insane. My emotions took a plunge, and I stayed in a depression state all this time since I let go of it all. This is what brings me back from depression today.

Here is a post left of a UFO sighting my family had all together. They aren't the originals, but the concept is still there for me to fill in the deleted information. I intend on holding my strength against those that try to oppress these experiences by making others feel like they're crazy. I intend on sharing every experience like these that have followed me through life. I hope to have support from those of you that are open to these things everyone else calls crazy. Help me stand strong so my stories can go on instead of being deleted out of defeat. Some of the abuse I have taken from sharing my stories was extreme. I believe I am ready to be whatever it is I'm supposed to be for these experiences. No more tucking my tail in to run away.

The other stories were deep, and now I will tell them all with the new found strength to explore the depths of the universal mind. My angel has returned to me(read story in first link). My bout with depression is over as I am alive again doing precisely what I am gifted to do. I will explore the universal consciousness.

Now follow me and help us all put these pieces together as we share life time experiences of supernatural things. I hope we gain a great connection through our shared experiences of this mysterious universe we live in.

I'm back with a burning passion, and the strength of an angel to be a witness of the universal power we all have inside us. Yes, even those that do not believe in these things has a connection that comes from the soul.

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