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Politics & Religion: The Meek Will Inherit the Earth?

Do some homework on the bible and you come to realize that the Emperor of Rome, Constantine The Great, pretty much selected the books of the New Testament to accompany the old testament. The panel of people he chose to work with him in these choices and reproductions worked at reproducing their efforts to then force Christianity on the masses.

Curious to me is the fact that Constantine was a Pagan before this, and he claimed Christianity while continuing the building of monuments that displayed strongly, his true Pagan beliefs. He lifted himself in society as a god that was to be looked at as a divine leader. Isn't this a sin of the Christian belief?

With that brief reference to the bible and the Roman Empire, I encourage all of you to do the research into it all, and come to your own conclusions. I will however, point to a state of mind this man handled book carries to its believers that clearly puts humanity and believers in a position of weakness that is easily manipulated and controlled.

All throughout the bible, there are verses directed to us that convince people that those who suffer will be rewarded. The meek shall inherit the earth, if your sad and suffering, just have faith and be comforted to know that suffering in the name of Jesus/god will pay life dividends and offer the greatest rewards.

Knowing the church ran everything in the ancient past, just as government does now, its pretty easy to see that the man handled directions from Jesus that are the new testament Christianity holds dear today are political directives used to manipulate values and beliefs of the people to gain power over them.

Matthew 5:4-6

New International Version (NIV)
Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.


Clearly, the potential of an all powerful, jealous, but loving God, as mentioned throughout the bible and world has the right to demand anything He wants right? If people believe in the hope of a loving almighty god that will one day end suffering and free His people from the hellish ways of the world, they will accept their fate of poor, sad, abused, minimal and unfair lives that politics and man cause them. They will be meekly awaiting the return of Jesus to rescue them from it all. 
On the other hand, the bible states murder is a sin, yet how many have been murdered in favor of their god? Its obvious that being meek and accepting crimes against us is just a fuel for political agenda. It keeps people that believe, passive in accepting unfair rule and needless suffering by the rulers. 
Jesus was the proof that people needed to connect with. His torture endured for humans sins is a story we all feel in our heart in the deepest way. We want to be an example of this self sacrificing son of the almighty god, and we feel that guilt inside our conscience that allows us to accept defeat by the unfair and or evil powers that rule over our nations. Guilt!!! 
Its NOT okay to suffer and just accept it. Crimes against humanity include more than what the United Nations summaries offer. The bible says the poor, the meek, the sad will be rewarded, and we have to keep faith despite the time throughout the generations of human suffering. Christianity teaches its believers to never question god because he has his reasons and its all part of his grand plan. It teaches us to be puppets for politics.
Don't get me wrong. I believe Jesus existed. I believe in what he taught as in love and kindness. What I cannot any longer believe in is a god that would have this grand plan that has allowed good people to suffer needlessly. God, as defined in every religion would have all power, so why would he allow any suffering if he is all powerful? Christian and other religious believers will have their standing values on this, but it is merely their faith in a books words that drives it. Ask the same people if they believe in UFOs or maybe Bigfoot, and most will say they don't because there is no proof supposedly. Those that do believe in these things will give reason why they can believe in both. 
The bottom line is this...
The minute Constantine decided to man handle and filtered which books to allow into the bible, he destroyed the credibility of the entire mix. Add to that the history of the Roman Empire and the oppressing nature of Christianity, and it leaves many to doubt it was anything more than political hold in order to harness control over the people. If we are meek, we wont fight for our rights, or the wrongs of others. 
My belief is that religion has complicated blind faith. Religion has ruled the the ways and values of masses, and I dont believe for one second that people need any particular religion or particular belief in god to be wholesome, moral people. The good in every person connects to the whole of humanity, and I believe this grand connection is GOD!
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