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Are Dreams a method of Alien Communication?

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What makes people dream things they don't believe, or things they doubt? All of my life since I was about 11 years old, I have had dreams of a few different types of aliens. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in the existence of alien visitors to earth. Maybe that fixation in its self brings me to dream as I do?

I was 5 years old the very first dream that would be the last I recalled until I was 11 years old. In that first dream, as a child, I thought the would be alien was a beautiful angel here to guide me or protect me. She had long white, almost glowing hair. Her face in my memory today actually looks like me which I find quite disturbing, because to me, it was an angelic being.

In that 5 year old dream, the angel just looked at me, and we were both surrounded together in her light. I'm really not sure it was her light or just light that was shining on the both of us, but it was magnificent, and strangely warm and peaceful. She never said a word, but she allowed me to think that everything was okay, and I was not going to be harmed. Harmed from what or who though is my question today.

Coming from a tough childhood, I guess my assumption of an angel was because I needed rescuing. She projected to me a great capacity inside myself to endure life as it was. I felt as though I had some kind of strength this angel was trying to show me. I didn't dream of her again until I was 11 years old, and I put the memory away until then.

At 11 years old, I began sleep walking through the house regularly I'm told. I only recall 3 occasions where I actually remember being in a state of limbo somewhere. I felt as if I wasn't sleeping, but I also wasn't awake. The first dream was my angel from when I was 5. I saw her face and she touched my face with the warm light of her hand. I heard her voice this time, but she never spoke. She told me never to fear my experiences in life even when it seems I'm alone. She said that no matter who I was with or where I was at, I would be protected by her light and no harm would come to me. She told me I was important, and needed to evolve to learn a truth that will shatter the hearts of many people.

At 11, that dream meant nothing really because I quickly disregarded it and went on with my life. It is however one of a series of dreams I believe are related that I can remember details about. I don't remember any other dreams but these in this category. Why these dreams and their details stuck with me all of these years is a mystery to me.

The second dream of the group of 3 when I was 11 years old was terrifying. My angel wasn't there. I was looking up at what I know now as grey aliens. There were 2 aliens over me. I think I was laying down, but I'm not sure. I got the idea that they weren't going to hurt me, but I do remember complete and total lack of control and fear. I had pain in my abdominal area and in my toes, and I had pictures flashing through my head as if I was under a strobe light watching things happen in still motion with the only movement being the strobe of flashing, ever changing images. One thing that stands out strong today about this dream and the third dream is cord blood. I have no idea why cord blood would stand out of all of those images, and I had no idea at the time what the hell that was.

The third dream was similar to the second, but there was only 1 grey alien, and there was no pain, just strobing images, and a chattering clicking sound coming from him as if that was his voice. Cord blood again stands out, but this time with an image of a baby connected to an umbilical cord surrounded by bluish green light. I have 3 kids and cannot have anymore, but this baby was not one of mine nor do I recognize her. Yes, the baby was female. The alien just stared into my face, adjusting his head side to side occasionally during times the images I saw were confusing to me. Sort of like the way a dog tilts its head in wonder or curiosity.

Now tonight, on January 17, which is my brothers birthday, I have another dream that wakes me up to ponder these dream experiences. Its 3:36 am as I write this. I'm very disturbed because I don't understand. What, if anything do these dreams mean? My angel was in this dream again. This dream didn't consist of grey aliens though. These aliens were similar to the grey ones, but they were much taller and their skin color was similar to a pink pig. The skin looked more human white, but their anatomy was more like the grey aliens.

Tonight's dream was utter destruction, but I feel like I shouldn't share the full details. These new aliens faces strobed through my mind just as the images of past dreams. My angels face was in the mix, but very distant compared to these new aliens. She displayed fear, yet she projected onto me that I needed to gather strength because I was important. She projected to me that mankind should not trust these aliens even if they vow to do only good. Once again, cord blood.

WTF does this cord blood stuff mean? What does the series of lifetime dreams mean? I am truly disturbed because I am only a small person with no influential power in society. I am just a simple person who is pretty much a loner. Why do these dreams insist I am connected somehow to any kind of importance where aliens are concerned? I do believe in their existence, but I don't believe I would even begin to offer any kind of importance to anything big. I also never believed that aliens would hurt us or be evil, but today I have a new feeling.

If you can translate this and give your opinion, please help me figure this out. It just feels deeper now than ever before and I don't understand any of it. Please comment below with any information you may have about dreams that may help. Any negative or bullying type comments will be deleted because Im simply reaching out for help, not harm.


  1. Could the cord blood possible represent stem cells or genetic manipulation? We were supposedly engineered from Annunaki and Neanderthal stock right?

    1. I wish I knew. Why would that be in the dreams of a child though? I cant say I necessarily believe my dreams were alien communication, but adding them all up, it sure does open me up to those questions or possibilities.

    2. The annunaki were from the tribe of Nanak. Try Genesis 6

  2. I would recommend sleeping with the light on. This has two effects, it stops abductions and it changes your dreams to comedies. The experiences are what are typical, its tough to remember while conscious so to protect yourself your brain lets you remember it as a dream. Maybe you were meant to warn people, don't trust pink aliens:) Hang in there and try the light thing. Worked for me.

    1. Majestic, I sleep with the TV on every night. I cant sleep without it. Sometimes I have sound, other times I turn the volume off. Is there a difference in what kind of light?

  3. I have had similar experiences. I think perhaps overlooking the obvious.( Cord blood)...umbilical cord that attaches one human to another, and is filled with blood.? I would like to hear more. contact RjS at world ufo.

    1. I will be sure to do that. The cord blood is the strangest thing because as a child (Im 39 right now) I didnt know anything at all about that stuff. If I did, I dont recall, but as a child I completely disregarded it until now having the same dreams with the same face and detail. Although they are not identical dreams, It feels as though they have been a series tied together. I do recall being made aware as a child that I had a rare blood. Never understood that either until pregnancy...AB Rh negative. I have 2 daughters that are also rh neg, but my son is not. My last child, I was only then made aware of the life saving potential of cord blood, and we did bank her cord blood. At that point, I didnt even think of the dreams though. Her cord blood has since then been used as it was needed by another child. Im not sure this would have anything at all to do with my dreams, but it is the only time cord blood was highlighted in my life beyond those dreams. My daughters cord blood was banked in 1997 for her possible needs in the future. They did not charge or bill us at all at the time, and when she was 10 yrs old, we were sent a letter from the original bank (I guess...I should have been smarter in knowing details) that told us that our cord blood deposit could save the life of a child, and they asked if we would donate it. I had forgotten about it until that point, so we called the number that was on the letter and there was never any was automated and we never got a return call from even the area. Instead we got a call from a blood bank saying that we would have to pay this ridiculous amount of money for the years of storing it. really didnt mean much to me at that point either...initial storage was offered at first at no cost, but apparently if you ever want to use it, you must pay for the time they stored it first. We let them have it. Only now, I am curious about what cord blood holds so important. Here is a video of the supposed first bank company for cord blood but this name was never once used back then.

  4. Sweetheart. I completely understand your fear and would never refuse anyone their beliefs. I am a long time student of dreams and I have to say that these dreams, taken from a psychological prospective, can have quiet normal interpretations. For instance, I would say that the 'angel" that you dreamed of first as a 5 year old could possibly be your own higher (godlike) self visiting you in the night to provide comfort for a "difficult childhood". If this were my dream, I would see the angel's repeated visits as my own psyche's self-soothing abilities.

    I do accept your belief in aliens, I really do. But, other than the cord blood theme, to me none of these dream images imply the hyper sinister intent of a species other than yourself. Our dream conscious is a product of our own internal process; they are, typically, you dreaming about you. And if challenged, I am sure that I could provide a reasonable interpretation of the cord blood theme.

    I understand how strong your belief in aliens must be and I am, again, in no way trying to tell you what is right or wrong. But could you possibly allow for a moment the consideration of another explanation? This is a very good analysis of "alien dreams"



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