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What do different theories say about the nature of visiting ET's

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Let's cut to the chase and agree that you aren't reading this right now because you do not believe in UFOs. In fact, you are here reading this because you do believe at the very least that aliens from other worlds have or still do visit us here on earth.

Ten years before the Roswell crash, Nazi Germany also had their own crash site to harvest information and technology from. Is that really the case though? We know Hitler had a secret base in Antarctica, as I'm sure you have heard the stories of alien bases in Antarctica too. What about the hollow earth theories out there, or maybe the theory that Antarctica holds the lost civilization of Atlantis? Some of us believers believe that Atlanteans were an actual alien civilization here on our earth, or that the Atlanteans were hybrids, crossed between human and alien DNA.

We know that Hitler was working on flying saucer type crafts as well as a time machine or the bell. I cannot help but to think that if this knowledge was gained by Hitler through contact with alien beings than some sort of agreement was reached between Hitler and said aliens. That's a scary thought. Hitler believed he could create a master race of people, but what exactly did he mean? My fear is that Hitler had a political type relationship with alien beings and thus was given the knowledge to develop his own flying saucer crafts.

What would that say about the values of our alien visitors if they were helping the evil Hitler thrive in that direction? That would indicate that our alien friends are either not friendly, or that they are just indifferent to our wars and humanity issues. That would assume they aren't here for us or to help us, but if that isn't why they are here, than why?

I want to believe our alien visitors are trying to save humanity or at the very least, the earth. I want to believe that soon, they will communicate their presence to us people instead of the governments. So why haven't they? Why in all these years have we been put aside for government secrets?

I had an epiphany and realized that our alien visitors are no different than American politicians. They may be from other planets in the universe, but they obviously have treaties with some world governments, especially in the US. Don't you think that if they were for the people, than we would know the whole truth without the wool covering our eyes? Can our shabby military crafts or even our nuclear weapons be any match for their technology? I doubt it, so why would they sign treaties with governments unless its just about them or their needs?

Some believe the treaties signed during Eisenhowers time were a trade off between their technology and the right for them to study people through abductions. I can tell you right now, that there is a lot more gain if they took volunteers to study, and the powers that be wouldn't have any control demanding technology. I would even be a volunteer to be studied by the aliens if only I could communicate with them at a living being level. The people would most definitely offer more of themselves just in being given that opportunity to choose and know what is going on.

Some believe that the aliens are actually humans from the future and not aliens from outerspace. If thats true than it could explain why we cannot be told the truth. If we did come from the future and the masses knew of it, it could have effects on humanity and our future all together. Knowing could result in chaos for our future, and the few that know without a doubt may actually have their memories erased or replaced so it didnt effect the future plans.

Of course, anything alien or ufo related is speculation when we must be confirmed by governments for the real truths to surface without the mock from the other side of the bridge. With more people watching the skies now, its only a matter of time before we get proof that absolutely cannot be denied, even by the governments.

I wrote this blog post as I write every other. We don't know any of these questions without someone in the other corner debunking things. I witnessed things as a child along with my family at the same time. I now live in the bible belt of the US...Alabama. God forbid mention any belief in aliens here and you are looked at like Satan himself. So I go along with my studies on my own until I find others who believe the same here in AL.

I look for reciprocation with my blog posts. I think its great to have others help us through all our questions, or at the very least, turn us on to different knowledge that could answer our questions. Please comment and tell me what you think about the ideas and questions here. What exactly is your belief?