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Comet ISON: Camera footage catches images of something up there with ISON.

Camera footage catches images of something up there with ISON. There are 4 moving objects as ISON moves around the sun. 1 object leads, and it appears as if the other 3 objects get into formation for chase. As they are moving, they move together at an equal distance and speed the entire time. It kind of looks like 1 massive, invisible ship with just the lights visible because they hold their positions closely. My eyes kept wanting to see a solid center between all 4 lights.

The first video below is from DarkSkyWatcher74 on YouTube. I have been following him via Face Book for a while, and I like the way he works. Subscribe to his channel, and check out his live feed info while you are there.

I have never personally done any research on what those satellites would look like, so I am still undecided. Those of us that believe they are out there (ufos,) want disclosure, and people like the sky watchers that record the videos below, are getting closer and closer to uncovering what NASA has been hiding.

Let's say that the videos below are with out a doubt, of alien space ships for just a minute. Were they actually helping us by detouring ISON from potential damage to us and the earth? Are there good and bad aliens up there with different agendas when you look at it as a chase? Are they not alien at all, but humans in secret technological space programs protecting the earth?

Once you have watched the videos, please let me know what you think by commenting below, and don't forget to subscribe to the channels!

Are they satellites or UFOs? You decide after you see these videos!