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Abductees are hypnotised to reveal truth of alien abductions

Abductees are hypnotised to reveal truth of alien abductions

How do we know that the following recordings are not deliberately set up by hoaxers? Some areas in the videos sound as if they were actually reading. I could be wrong, because I don't know how their natural speaking patterns are/were, but small parts do sound rehearsed. I want to believe their stories are real because I have one of my own, although its not so intense as these stories!

Barney and Betty Hill were one of the first abductee cases reported, and what I find kind of neat is that Barney mentions seeing Nazis and red headed Irishmen looking people while he was under hypnosis. That falls hand in hand with other alien theories born from the ancient past.

The Pat McGuire's video is focused around cattle mutilations which he claims to witness cows being picked up by UFOs but not actually seeing the cow, just the craft with the sounds of the cow. I am not into the idea in the video that says that maybe mutilations are happening to test radiation levels in the animals. I would be more apt to think that its more of a genetic program of some kind. Even further out there...maybe aliens create life with different species mixed. It wouldn't be anything we haven't seen in ancient mythology with part animal and part human characters.

The last video listed below gets weird. This claims that alien beings are channeling through the abductee to communicate during hypnosis. "WTF" is right! I also think that this one goes a bit too far to be real. Again, I hope it is real, but it goes further than Id expect from hypnosis.

Take a listen to each video below, and you decide! Is this real and successful hypnosis or is it a hoax to gain believers? Comment below and please share!

Barney Hill Hypnosis audio tape complete version. Ricky G 

Pat McGuire ufo abduction hypnosis session Gerald Clough

Alien Abductee Under Hypnosis - WTF SCARY!!! masjosh

New Zealand 2008 contactee channels a alien being through hypnosis

Here is yet another hypnotism of a supposed abductee.