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UFO's In the News

When we hear about mass sightings and view videos of the same objects from several different witnesses, it has a tendency to justify the belief that extra-terrestrial life not only exists, but is here, among us.

The stories here all hit the news at some point, but it still doesn't show the whole of media coverage on UFOs.

The incident that I would say is the very most intriguing is the 2011 case where the UFO was seen over Jerusalem. The UFO comes straight down over the Dome of the Rock, and shoots straight back up. Easy enough to fake, yes, but when you have multiple videos from witnesses in different locations, how do you call it a fake?

10 years ago, the media never covered these stories and now, it seems that a bit more attention from the news has given rise to a larger number of believers.

I cant say that I believe every report is true and real because there are so many people that mislead. What I can say, as Ive said before on this blog is that millions of people around the world believe, and have witnessed UFO events with their own eyes; myself included!

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