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Are UFO's & Aliens Actually Humans from the Future?

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With all of the reports from around the world of UFO and alien sightings increasing over the years from ancient days until now; we can conclude that they really do exist at some level. What are they though, and where do they come from?

I have given much attention to the alien beings from other planets being the culprits of the vast majority of the unexplained UFO sightings. I do believe there are alien visitors to earth. I cannot say whether they travel here regularly, or if they could possibly be living among us, or even on the dark side of the moon. Maybe they travel from a different dimension, or maybe even travel further, faster than our own current knowledge believes is possible, from other places in this vast universe. There are so many theories to speculate on that I truly believe at least one of these theories has to be right on target.

What if these flying crafts carrying aliens were actually humans from our future? Think about the way we live. GMO's, synthetic drugs, nuclear waste, chemicals, disease, and even birth control are all pointing toward a future full of negative changes. Dangerous changes for us and our old girl earth are a fact in our future already if we don't stop the madness!

Without thinking about ET's from outer space, I said several years ago, that the way humans were living now, we would evolve into small bodied, intelligent, big headed, hairless, sexless individuals. What if that were true?

The evolutionary speculation for our wouldbe changes into these future bodies goes like this for me:

  • Large Heads: Our intelligence expands, and our brains grow larger thus a purpose for the increased head size.
  • Large Black Eyes: Increased, unfiltered UV rays from the sun in our future would cause us damage if we didn't evolve. Another idea I have is that maybe for some reason, we are living in darkness for long periods of time, and our eyes changed to better suit us to see in the dark. The sun won't live forever you know! Another option would be maybe the sun gets so bright in the future, we evolve with eyes that filter the harmful light.
  • Mouth with small slit: With technology multiplying as quickly as it is, we have man made supplements for every nutritional requirement. We even make our own version of manna the bible referred to out of algae. Who's to say that in time, mans obesity issues and other health issues wont be done away with all together through the idea of technology and the creation of a little tiny biscuit (manna) that sustains us completely with out the need to kill animals and farm land. We may even evolve to absorb energy around us like some religions monks claim to achieve.
  • Grey Skin: I'm not sure why our skin would change like that. That could be due to changes with the sun as well.
  • Gender/Sexless: Since I have never heard reports say anything about gender or clothing for the greys, I assume they have no sexual organs. Does Yin and Yang finally come together and create sexless people? Maybe sexual preference has evolved to the point where it really doesn't matter because we all become harmonious with both male and female combined, causing the true equality of non gender individuals. Maybe it is caused by birth control or GMO's, or even nuclear exposures. 
I am no scientist, so of course it is all speculation, but even science cannot say what will come of us with the un-natural, poisonous ways we live. 

It is said that President Eisenhower actually met with at least 3 species of extraterrestrial beings, and signed treaties with them. It just may be that the greys came back here from the future to stop us from causing these changes. Maybe they have come back to abduct humans to repair the future evolutionary processes. If they cant or don't breed, they could very well be using modern human genes to create more beings to be sure the human species doesn't become extinct. 

These are crazy theories, with much to take into consideration that many of us has no knowledge on, but as with any outrageous ideas, they are necessary for advancement and truth. If any of these ideas here are true to any extent, I wonder if our government knows, or if what they are hiding is believed to be ET. 

All in fun, I enjoy thinking "what if" where it concerns all the unexplained things in our vast universe.

The "Above Top Secret," aka ATS has a post here that also looks at this theory. ATS assumes the same theory that we evolved into the grey aliens that have been reported since ancient times.

Whats your take on the greys? Are they alien or are they future humans?


  1. I made a mistake. My children are A+, not O+.

  2. You just gave me something to think about. Thanks.

  3. Possible aliens understand dna sequence that causes aging. Travel and fission energy.
    Or android robots made of part metal ? Bio Material . Like how humans send land craft to mars other planets. Aliens have there own way of studying earth. They can be invisible or show themselves to us at anytime. They have capabilities (technological,biological) we can only dream of.