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The Star Child: Creation, Evolution, or Intervention?

In 1930, in a mine in Copper Canyon Mexico, a 900 year old skull with completely different (non human) features than a normal human skull was found. Because of the lack of technology in 1930, this mysterious skull would have to wait until 1999 for further scientific study.

Between 1999 and 2003, Lloyd Pie, via The Star Child Project discovered that this skull was different than any skull seen before. "At minimum, it presented a level of deformity and function previously thought impossible, and perhaps something much more significant: a new type of human-like being living on Earth 900 years ago." http://www.starchildproject.com/dna2011march.htm.

Research was carried out by experts in the USA, Canada, and the UK. These experts did a number of analysis on the skull such as, "cranial analysis, dental analysis, X-ray analysis, CT scan analysis, radiocarbon dating (C-14), microscopic analysis of multiple bone preparations, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), bone composition analysis, statistical analysis, inorganic chemistry analysis, DNA analysis, and other investigations into possible natural explanations such as genetic defects, birth defects, and skull deformation resulting from cultural practices."

The conclusion drawn was that the odd skull showed no evidence of  "any known deformity or combination of deformities, mutation, cultural practices, genetic disorders, or illness." What was it about this being that allowed it to even survive to be an adult as discovered through dental examinations?

In 2003, Dr. Ripan Malhi and Dr. Jason Eshleman, specialists in the recovery of ancient DNA for DNA Print Genomics began extensive DNA testing of the skull.

When the star child skull was found, it was buried with another, very human skull. Dating of both skulls revealed they died at or near the same time 900 years ago, so they used the "more human" skull as the control sample. 

Genetic testing done comparing the two skulls showed the mitochondial (mtDNA) DNA (the dna from the mother) was completely human. Only the mtDNA was able to provide results though with the methods available in 2003. So who or what was the father? We would have to wait until better genetic advancements were available.

In 2006, a company called 454 Life Sciences of Branford, Connecticut, came up with the technology to do this testing, but it was so expensive that it had to wait even longer. 2009 would bring the opportunity once and for all to get a comprehensive genetic analysis on the star child skull, yet it was still beyond the financial means of the star child project.

"In February 2010, the geneticist was provided with a bone sample from the Starchild Skull. In March, he had recovered dozens of fragments of DNA from the sample, much of which resulted from the inevitable bacterial contamination. Nonetheless, others were clearly fragments of the Starchild Skull’s nuclear DNA, so after 11 years of effort —success!"
"The comparisons were conducted using a sophisticated computer program called the Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST), an NIH application that can analyze nucleotide sequences of any length, short or long, and attempt to match them to any of the millions of sequences in the database that represent essentially every living species on Earth."

What was found was the anticipated bacteria. The remainder of DNA to be analysed was not a match to any species known on earth.
"For all of the Starchild’s DNA fragments, a wide net was cast into the NIH database with the hope there would be minimal doubt about results. Indeed, they were unequivocal: Some of the Starchild’s nuDNA is different from anything previously found on Earth! "

Still, there are many questions regarding the unknown DNA of the star child skull, and it will cost 7 million dollars to finally get all the facts from extensive DNA testing available now in 2013. The link I've shown quotes from (above) has detailed genetic information as well as a link at the bottom of the page where you can offer some support to this project.

It seems to me that if the mtDNA matched up to a human mother, as well as the extra found that didnt match the common 33 haplo groups,(read at link above) and the nuDNA which would consist of the mother and fathers DNA was unknown on earth, leads me to believe there could be extraterrestial intervention. Take a look at the videos below as well as the information on Lloyd Pyes website, and let me know what you think.

Today, we can take an egg from one mother and fertilize a second womans mitocondria with male sperm in a dish to create a zygote, mix them and get a mix of the three. That leaves room to speculate that the starchild could potentially be a full alien species only carried by a human mother. Look at 6:25 in the second video below and Lloyd Pye describes the possibility.

As I research this, I wonder about all of the info, or lack of info surrounding Rh negative blood types and the theories people have on that concerning extraterrestrial origin. It is something to think about for sure!

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