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Exploring Close Encounters: The 5th Kind

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This book The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry by J. Allen Hynek was written in 1972, introducing the the Hynek Scale of Alien Encounters as the first 3 levels at that time.

From Hyneks original introduction to the Scale, it has grown into 7 levels, but only the first three are universally accepted. Let me give a brief on each of the first 5 levels, and then I will stop at level 5 for a more in depth discussion.

Close Encounter of the First Kind: 

Visual sightings of an unidentified flying object.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind: 

Visual sightings plus the accompanying of physical evidence.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind: 

Sightings of "occupants" in and around the UFO.

Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind: 

A human is abducted by a UFO or its occupants.

Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind: 

Named by Steven M. Greer's CSETI group, these purported encounters are joint, bilateral contact events produced through the conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.
For the remaining descriptions of the 1 - 7 scale, please visit WikiPedia.

If you watched the Sirius Documentary, Dr. Greer describes the encounter of the 5th kind as summoning the extraterrestrials. They use frequency and meditative prayer as a group. This leaves me wondering about the power of prayer, and just who exactly hears our prayers.

I won't get into comparing ufology and religion in this post, but instead, I will just use the idea that we are all connected to the universe. We have the World Wide Web and wireless connections for all to share, and its not so difficult to believe we have the ability to connect to virtually anything or anyone in the universe with a trained meditative approach, and lets just use the word "prayer." You would be casting your thoughts directly at a specific target through meditation and prayer.

This is a new thought for me, and I am kind of skeptical that it would work. It is highlighted that you must practice meditation, and become comfortable with it before you will get results. I have decided to begin this practice here in AL with just one other person right now. If you are in AL and would like to join us, get in touch with me and we can set up details. For now, I will detail what exactly I will be doing to try to summon extraterrestial life.

If you take a listen to the video below, you will hear the accustical effect of the drum beat in stonehenge.

The idea of the video above was to find out where the drums would be most effectively placed, as well as the Shamens during ceremonial practices. The rituals believed to have been practiced at Stonehenge tell us that fire flickering, the steady drum beats and meditation could send them into a trance to communicate with the dead or gods. It wasn't clear to me, what the trances were intended for, but I know that the flickering of a center fire along with the drum beats at the edges of the monument puts our brains in a deep alpha state. I am no expert, and simply pulling history into now in order to see or try to see their purpose for different things.

With tha said, I will be using the stonehenge drumbeat if I can get the proper one that is. The following two videos are the type of beats Im going for, and I would need at least an hour (at first Im sure). 

Of course we will have a fire for more of the complete effect they had in ancient times. I think someplace relxing and comfortable would also be helpful. Something leads me to think the Shamens were on their feet though. Im not sure if it would be possible to go into a deeper alpha trance for me if I was on my feet so I will be either sitting or laying down, eyes open at first for the flickering light, concentrating on the vibrations of everything. 

Again, it may not work at all for me, but it is worth it to try to get to a meditation state where it is easier to just fall into it the more you do it. I will also report my progress and the progress of any company I gain in this. 

If you are trying this meditative approach for prayer or summoning, please comment below to share your progress or advise.

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