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Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Profit

Who was Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) has been known as the "sleeping prophet," the "father of holistic medicine," and the most documented psychic of the 20th century. Cayce gave psychic readings most of his life to people all over the world. He diagnosed illnesses and gave prophesies of the past, present and future. Very few of his readings were wrong and one particular reading that was wrong was actually the reading of the twin.

Even as a high school drop out, Edgar Cayce had the ability to lay down and sleep on books, therefore acquiring or memorizing its contained knowledge. He would put himself into a sleep like trance state by laying down with his legs and hands crossed, falling into a deep meditation. He helped thousands of people across the world free of charge even though he suffered bazaar headaches and nose bleeds, not to mention having little financial means of his own. He felt the need to help others through his gift.


Edgar believed in reincarnation of the soul. He explained that the there is a subconscious within us but also a super conscience or collective conscience that is universal. He believed we as male and female counterparts were actually one, and that the two were separated when Eve was extracted as Cava or "Life giver", separating feminine and masculine. Cayce discusses this as soul mates and twin souls. It makes me feel that our soul mates could be the other side of us that has been given to another body. He does not just leave it at that though, he explained that souls are connected according to experiences on all plains we have existed on. If you thoroughly research this at the links provided here, you will get to see the way Cayce has labeled the purpose of the universe and what each place and planets functions are to our souls. Earth is our souls place of "testing."

I have listed some links here at the bottom so that you may have the same resources available to study from  credible sources. I continue my research on Edgar Cayce, and my foremost committment is on learning to understand Cayces beliefs on souls and meditation. Who wouldn't love to be able to connect to a universal consciousness and even grow the ability to help people as Edgar did so successfully. Successful meditation is where I also believe the power of knowledge can be sought and explored.

Edgar Cayce has a huge story with many documented facts that he was absolutely able to tape into some type of universal power. He is the source behind a complete set of medical books diagnosing and treating many things for many people. How did he do this if he didnt even finish high school? And still, we have this evidence on record, showing Edgar Cayce to be a true meditation expert and effective diagnosing healer. He had what it takes to meet that universal conciousness and see what no other in modern time can do. Cayce also believes we all have that power and connections, and he shows us how if we listen and study his words and life at that level.

Here is a very informative video that much information can be extracted from concerning the soul and different plains. http://media.edgarcayce.org/inquiry/soul_life/index.htm

Step by step on how to meditate from Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce TV on YouTube

The following quote was taken from  http://www.edgarcayce.org/are/spiritualGrowth.aspx?id=2874
"These, as we find, are slow, yet sure, if there will be kept, not only the corrections made occasionally, once a month or such, might be the more often but the meditation; and in the meditation, don't meditate upon, but listen to the voice within. For prayer is supplication for direction, for understanding. Meditation is listening to the Divine within." (Cayce Reading 1861-19)

Let us all LISTEN! 

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