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Top 8 Mass UFO Sightings

Top 8 Mass UFO Sightings

 Failed Rocket? I don't think so!

It’s quite easy to dismiss individuals when they report UFO experiences. What about the masses? How can anyone disregard witness accounts when the same UFO sighting comes from huge numbers of people? Take a look at the history of mass UFO sightings, and tell me what you think!

***Note that although there are many other mass sightings than what I have listed here, I chose just the 8 that interested me most!

Objects Hover Over Tennessee College Campus in 1853

On June 1, 1853, two glowing objects hovered over a Tennessee college campus.  Early in the morning, and witnessed by several people, 2 objects were seen hovering over this Tennessee Campus. Professor A.C. Carnes reported the incident in a letter to Scientific American that one was small and one was quite large. The small object disappeared first, while the larger one changed in shape twice. The first object transformed into a globe shape, and then to an elongated shape. The smaller object appeared again, and increased rapidly in size, while the other object shrank. This Professor reported both objects fluctuated in size alternately for about 30 minutes.  “The students have asked for an explanation, but neither the President nor Professors are satisfied as to the character of the lights,” wrote Carnes.

The Aurora Texas UFO Crash - 1897

April 17, 1897: Purported UFO crash in Texas. Approximately 6 o’clock in the morning, a Dallas Morning News story reported that several people in the community of the small town of Aurora had witnesses what the writer referred to as an “airship.” Supposedly, the object was having trouble and crashed into a windmill on the property of the town judge. “The pilot of the ship is supposed to have been the only one aboard and, while his remains were badly disfigured, enough of the original has been picked up to show that he was not an inhabitant of this world,” reported the Morning News story.   Of course it was considered a hoax. In 1973 a witness was brought forward. 91-year-old resident, Mary Evans, recalled her parents visiting the crash site. She stated that the alien body was buried in the town’s cemetery! Would be great if that could be explored further underground!

Battle Over Los Angeles - 1942

February 25, 1942: The Battle of Los Angeles. Caught on radar, unidentified flying object was pin pointed 120 miles west of Los Angeles and moved to within a few miles of the southern California coast and then suddenly vanished from radar. Shortly after, an artillery officer on the coast reported what he described as 25 aircraft flying at 25,000 ft. A bit after that, other people witnessed a balloon-like object carrying what appeared to be flares in Santa Monica. Several witnesses also described seeing many objects flying at different altitudes and at amazing speeds. Apparently there was military awareness as rounds were bulleted at the crafts, but all in all, it ended up being defined as mass hysteria.

Kentucky – 1948- Military Pilot killed during a chase

January 7, 1948: Saucer Appears Over Kentucky. Dozens of people living in Madisonville KY report to police witnessed a glowing disk, hovering overhead. Air Force personnel at Fort Knox arrived quickly as the tower crew saw the UFO as well. P51 fighters went up to investigate. Squadron leader Capt. Thomas Mantel, Jr. an expert pilot , decorated with the  Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery during World War II, also spotted the UFO and chased.  “I’m closing in now to take a good look,” Mantel reported in his last radio transmission at 3:15 p.m. “The thing looks metallic, and is tremendous in size.” Mantel crashed and was killed. Supposedly, he ran out of oxygen!

White House UFO Incident – 1952

On July 29, 1952, International News Service (INS) announced (confirmed by an AF spokesperson) that the Air Force had jets to shoot down any UFO’s, specifically saucers. It was ordered because of mass reports of a flying saucer along the East Coast, Washington D.C. that were also picked up on radar. Later that day, the Air Force called an emergency press conference to deny the sightings and quiet the panic. The press conference consisted of Generals John Samford, USAF chief of intelligence, and Roger Ramey, USAF director of operations, who was in charge of jet scrambles. Ramey was also the one who lead the denial of the Roswell crash. Samford and Ramey were known as the Air Force's leading UFO experts.

Westfall UFO Encounter, 200 Students Australia

April 6, 1966 -The Westall UFO encounter is an event that occurred on 6 April 1966 in Melbourne, Australia. Around 11.00 am, for about 20 minutes, more than 200 students and teachers at two state schools witnessed a flying object land in an open field. Referred to as Australia's Roswell, it appears to many that the government knew about and allowed the UFO to be there. They went through a lot to hide or cover the incident.

Portage County Police Chase – 1966

April 17, 1966: The Portage County UFO Chase. Police officers go on a long chase through states. From Ohio to Pennsylvania, officers Dale Spaur and Wilbur Neff observed a metallic, disc shaped object in the sky. Many other officers were involved in the long chase as well with several other people reporting it too. It was in the news as most of the sightings above. The scene had to be what drove the making of the movie Close Encounters of the Third KindJ

The Phoenix Lights – 1997

March 13, 1997: The Phoenix Lights. Reported by thousands of people in Arizona and Nevada, people were seeing V-shaped crafts or the lights of those crafts. People busied the Police department’s phone lines in several towns within these states with report after report of the same events.  Witness Dana Valentine, said "We could see the outline of a mass behind the lights, but you couldn't actually see the mass," Valentine says. "It was more like a gray distortion of the night sky, wavy. I don't know exactly what it was, but I know it's not a technology the public has heard of before."  Later of course the government minimized the stories by blaming flairs.

And of course, you can search any of these and find information quickly.

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