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Extraterrestrial Implants Documented

Alien Implants surgically removed

The objects were triangular shaped, surrounded by biological layer, the inner membrane could not be cut with surgical tools, it was so hard.

Dr. Roger Leir, surgeon from California, performed 14 surgeries and removed 15 objects from people claiming they were alien abductees.

In 1996, Dr. Leir performed his first surgery on a man that had a small implant in his left jaw that the doctor removed. Dr. Leir reported that in each of the 14 subjects that had  implants removed, there was no portal of entry. There were no indications of how these objects entered the skin whatsoever.

Another finding was that there was no inflammatory response in the tissue surrounding the small object of any of the subjects that is common when foreign objects are present. The doctor states that what is truly impossible about these implants is that they were surrounded by a network of nerve receptors that were not anatomically correct. 8 cases, with all of the same impossible findings and the same type of implant!

The implants were sent to Los Alamos National Laboratory for med-allergic testing. Uncommon elements prompted the laboratory to advise additional testing, so they sent the implants on for additional testing at New Mexico Tech Laboratory. NM Tech Laboratory determined the little objects were pieces of rare meteorites, and this lab was not informed that they were removed from the human body.

Scanning electron microscopy was then done on the implants which discovered they were manufactured, and not naturally occurring.  These tests also verified that the implants were carefully connected to nerve endings in each subject. These results also concluded that the elements found within the implants were constructed of materials unknown on earth


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