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Baltic Anomaly: A personal stand point

Baltic Anomaly Sonar Image Baltic Anomaly Sonar Image

This post was written in 2012 on a website I started blogging on initially, and it was deleted for harassment by followers of the OXT. I decided to put it back up since the year has passed and more of nothing has surfaced by OXT. They still have a hold on some, but I think the masses have finally seen through the hype.

The Baltic Anomaly can be viewed from multiple angles, so before I go and throw in my opinion, I will give you the links to check the facts from a couple of different sides of the mystery.

This website is where supporters of the Ocean X Team provide the details as the OXT gives them on the FB group which is here

Baltic Anomaly Research Group is on the other side of the fence researching facts surrounding the Baltic Anomaly from a different angle. Here is a what they have investigated to be true! BARG-V6

I would suggest you look at both sides of this, as there are many things that just do not add up. I began as a dedicated member of OXT and the Baltic Anomaly, and now favor other evidence. I am not calling you in either direction, but simply giving options and my witnessed opinion in one aspect…the people!

I’ve contemplated writing this for quite some time for a couple of reasons. The first reason, although I have some education, I speak more emotionally than I could even with all the education in the world. The second reason is that you really never know with situations like these, where it will touch on whoever reads it. I don’t want to hit any fight nerves. I just feel it’s necessary to touch on a major issue involved when you pull people from all walks of life and with a wide variety of background and belief into one idea that could potentially go in any direction. With that said, I will also add that I am speaking from experience inside this setting as you will see, and I was part of the frenzy until I was actually pulled away enough to see what was going on by a friend.

I still am completely interested in the research of this object. My complaints are of the way the FB group is run, and the sheer lack of real updates. Everything seems to be secret or held back because of a contract with Titan TV, yet Titan isn't even answering a public plea for any kind of further detail or their contract details. It is true that they are only treasure hunters, and I do not accuse them of running a scam. My concern is the method of it all.

Make no mistake; I do not have anything against the OXT. As far as I know (which is actually very little) they are good people and have families like me.  It is not my intention to make them appear as bad people or insinuate that they have intentionally caused grief or friction of any kind.

While I was a member of the OXT FB group, I met many people that believed the Baltic object was a variety of different things from UFO’s to volcanoes. Some even said it was nothing; just a pile of rocks. At the time, I believed, or rather hoped it was an ancient ruin from a long lost civilization predating the ice age. Do I believe that now? Not really so much anymore. When I first came to the group and began contributing to conversation, I noticed that the UFO believers were more-less ridiculed. I’m not sure who was making the rules, but at that time, they didn’t want any general UFO talk, and when there was, it was almost as if the UFO believers were being bullied with attempts to drive them out. Me, being the type of person I am, jumped to their defense. I mean what rights does anyone have to tell them what they should or shouldn’t believe about this object. Its fair game when there are no answers. Everyone has a voice. I just wanted to fit in there, to keep getting updates. All the online sources said this was the best place to be to keep informed first hand.

After a while, I had people messaging me to help them through the bullying, and I finally got so tired of feeling like I was choosing sides that I got snappy at them myself and just told them I’m not here to fight your battles for you, I’m doing my own thing. That’s understandable right? I mean why would they call in a posse for assistance if they felt so strongly about their choice to believe it was a UFO?

Eventually Dennis himself began promoting the UFO talk in an attempt to keep the group moving and pull members back in. Because the OXT provided little to go on with most of their communications to the group; when Dennis started the UFO topics, people automatically assumed he was providing some hidden code to them that he was not allowed to discuss for whatever reason. There is a bit of pushed hope for that crowd as well as some of the more down to earth type people in the beginning. But then, you see articles mocking OXT for the UFO ideas and OXT defends themselves by saying they never said it was a UFO. No, they didn’t; did they?

As time went on, more people began getting frustrated with the lack of evidence and scientific data. People would come into the group and say they thought it was all a hoax, but with good points as well. They didn’t just start throwing accusations without sensible referencing to the little facts. When these people came in to share their opinion of a possible hoax or however you would refer to it, many of the group members would surround them in fight mode to defend OXT. Never once have I seen those group members stand back and allow OXT to deliver their own defense. But OXT watched it all in mostly silence as their watchdog group members (and I am guilty myself) rallied aggression to push them out or dismiss the claims. I have seen things posted in the group to defend the hoax claims, and quickly removed. I’ve seen members that became good friends suddenly part enemies because their belief in the OXT changed with both the team’s lack of evidence and new information researched by outside sources.

I was so sucked in myself that my entire belief system where it concerned people’s right to voice themselves without being harassed was crushed in the moments. I didn’t need proof from the team. I trusted that fellow human beings wouldn’t possibly do what some were claiming OXT has done. I put them up on a pedestal that kept me busy defending this group of explorers that didn’t even try defending themselves or offering anything really. What causes that kind of group thinking when there is more proof given on the side we refuse to see?

People run on hope and dreams. Give them something to believe in and be the one with all the answers, and you’re as good as god because you hold the anticipation of fulfilling something that someone has waited for, maybe even all of their lives! I’m not speaking for those that could randomly and skeptically check facts now and then and distance themselves. I’m referring to those that put their time and hearts into this mystery. The ones that held on to a belief and raised OXT up for respect they really didn’t offer in return. The ones that believe OXT is going to deliver something that will change the world. The bottom line is, public figures have a responsibility, and being subject to the danger of this frenzy has allowed me to see that they have not only allowed battling members; they have encouraged it by sitting back to watch it happen. It’s not right and it’s quite sad to see people taken that way whether it’s accidental or intentional. It’s sad to see the number of friendships that have been pulled apart by this.

Whether this anomaly is a hoax or a very real mystery, the fact remains that the group dynamics need help and the OXT needs to organize themselves better than they are to be more professional for a public setting. They need to keep their followers protected from the line of division that has been created and provide an atmosphere where that type of group thinking is not allowed. We all have the tendency to jump on the band wagon when our involvement borders obsession, and it is their duty as public figures to adjust the atmosphere. It should not be placed in the hands of one sided-ness to determine rights as they choose and disrespect those that don't see things a particular way.

Please share this link and maybe it will help OXT followers keep themselves from the unhealthy side of this attachment.

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