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Are UFOs Real?

According to recent polls, over 50 percent of Americans, and hundreds of millions of people elsewhere in the world think that UFOs are authentic. For many, it is a deeply ingrained belief comparable to religion.
For hundreds, even thousands of years there's been sightings of UFOs by countless people. It is a mystery that only science can solve, and yet the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Most of the reporting on this subject by the mainstream media holds those who claim to have seen UFOs up to embarrassing ridicule. People have lost jobs, families, friends, and for the most part, there lives have been turned upside down after reporting UFO experiences.

For a long time now, people have been looking for a single site on the net that shows as much legitimate UFO coverage as possible. Unfortunately, probably only about 5 percent of the Internets content is real concerning UFO's. There is no single site that contains all factual data where it comes to UFO's. That would be impossible. My recommendation would be to browse several sites telling documented and witnessed UFO experiences. I have included, and will update as often as I can, a list of government sources containing documents of reported events here.

Today in the event you document a UFO to the U.S. government you will be informed that the United States Air Force conducted a 22-year inquiry that ended in 1969 and concluded that UFOs are not a threat to national security and are of small or no scientific interest. Correct me if I am wrong, but if the US has stopped investigating, it is not for the reason they say. They either have some kind of agreement with ET life forms from space as is stated in the following video, or they are silently studying so as to not be in the public eye. My belief would be more in the line of the following video.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O_c_upHuKY]
But as of the world's leading theoretical physicists says in the program, "You basically cannot dismiss the likelihood that a quantity of these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by a civilization perhaps millions of coming years of us in know-how."

We absolutely cannot dismiss the reports through history that expand around the globe with the same stories and descriptions of UFO events and experiences. The UFO documentation in ancient history, including the bible, tells us they were here, and have a large part of our history in denial! See Ezekiels "god" experience, and watch for updates on addition historical evidence of ET on our plant!

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