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Rh Negative Blood Group: The Holy Grail Bloodline

The Rh negative blood group has been an important topic of study for those of us that inherited this rare blood group. Rh negative individua...

Ancient Aliens Theory: The evidence is very clear

Most Ancient Alien Theorists believe that in our ancient history, aliens came to Earth and were perceived as gods. During that time, they gave much knowledge to shape human civilization. We have historical time lines in ancient religious texts as well as on ancient art from cave paintings to our megalithic structures and stone sculptures.

Stone Henge is an amazing structure, but it is still a mystery of exactly what the circle was built for. We know it provides a structure for specific acoustical vibrations, and we believe this place may have been built as a ceremonial place, but we really don't know much more than that!

Photo Source: http://science.nationalgeographic.com

Angel or alien - There's no going back!.

I don't want to be scared to share my own story anymore. I don't want to hear people call me crazy, or laugh thinking that I am in some kind of fantasy land. I have told some of my story right here on this blog, and sadly, I allowed them to beat me down inside so much that I would delete it quickly, and not talk about the great and often scary things that have come to me.

Politics & Religion: The Meek Will Inherit the Earth?

Do some homework on the bible and you come to realize that the Emperor of Rome, Constantine The Great, pretty much selected the books of the New Testament to accompany the old testament. The panel of people he chose to work with him in these choices and reproductions worked at reproducing their efforts to then force Christianity on the masses.

Curious to me is the fact that Constantine was a Pagan before this, and he claimed Christianity while continuing the building of monuments that displayed strongly, his true Pagan beliefs. He lifted himself in society as a god that was to be looked at as a divine leader. Isn't this a sin of the Christian belief?